Coffee Recipes, Different Ways To Drink It

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world; however, when we talk about coffee, we mean not only the traditional espresso but all its versions. In a previous post, we told you some types of coffee that you can prepare at home or at your place. But as there is so much variety, we want to explain many other recipes for you to expand your range of possibilities. We start!

Recipes With Coffee With Liquor Only

The coffee is only fantastic, but sometimes we fancy a coffee with a point of alcohol. There are numerous combinations for your espresso to reach the reach of the sophisticated cocktail. We propose a couple of ideas that will make your mouth water.

Carajillo or Cafe Corretto

Caffè corretto or carajillo is the result of adding a trickle of liquor to an espresso coffee. The most recurring drinks are brandy, anise, or Baileys, and it is consumed more during winter mornings. Its origin is uncertain, although one of the most widespread versions is at the time. There, the soldiers added brandy to the island’s rich coffee to have “corajillo” before entering combat.

Brule Coffee

Another coffee that comes with an extra touch is the Brulé. Its preparation consists of adding brandy, although you can also incorporate another alcoholic beverage such as whiskey, espresso coffee. Although a priori it seems that we speak of an Irish coffee, its preparation is very different. To get a coffee, you must first burn coffee beans with brandy or lemon rind. In this way, the flavors will mix. Once burned, an infusion of coffee is prepared as a double espresso, that is, about 50 ml, and we will serve it in a cup. Finally, we will pour the brandy burned with the coffee beans to the double espresso. It is important to heat the cup beforehand to prevent the glass from cracking.

Caribbean Coffee

The main components of a Caribbean coffee are hot coffee, rum, and whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, although there are different variants. The first thing to do is prepare an espresso and add some sugar. Next, pour some rum and finish with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a touch of whipped cream. It is usually served in a glass or in a large cup.

Jamaican Coffee

Jamaican coffee is an American coffee with some rum, cocoa, and cream. Its preparation is very simple: first, we make an American coffee with sugar and leave it in the cup until it is tempered. Then, we take a glass cup and add about two fingers of liquor. Now is the time to incorporate American coffee into the glass with rum. Finally, we will decorate it with some whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a hot coffee drink with whiskey, cream, and brown sugar. In its original version, the cream was not used to be added, but today we cannot imagine it without it. This coffee is served in a previously heated elongated cup to prevent it from being eroded by heat.

Arab Coffee

Arabic coffee is a spicy coffee with a bitter taste that is prepared with a little saffron or cardamom. Its preparation consists of adding a touch of cardamom or other similar spice to the espresso coffee and let it boil. Before serving it, strain it and place it in small cups. Sugar is not usually added since it is usually accompanied by Arabic sweets.

Viennese Coffee

Viennese coffee is in the list of the most popular among coffee lovers next to the cappuccino and mochaccino. It is an espresso coffee covered with whipped or whipped cream and cocoa powder. It receives its name for being very characteristic of the cafés of Vienna and Budapest is one of the most classic drinks in the area.

Cafe Creme Or Flat White

Crème coffee is the most appealing to the eye, thanks to the coffee cream that covers the surface. His recipe is one of the simplest, although the trick is to get a cream of milk at its point to cover it. For its preparation, you need a single coffee and some milk cream to taste.

Bonbon Coffee

Bonbon coffee is the best alternative for the sweet tooth. Its basic ingredients are coffee and condensed milk. For its preparation, about 2 or 3 tablespoons of condensed milk are served in a cup at room temperature, and espresso is added. Normally you put less condensed milk than coffee, but it can be done to taste The different density of both ingredients will cause them not to mix and visibly distinguish the coffee being on top. Your result will be a creamy and very sweet coffee.

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