Coffee Extraction Methods You have to know them!

The coffee industry has advanced a lot, and therefore the way to drink a cup of coffee has also changed. In this article, we will see that the coffee machines that we all know and even have at home have not always been used.

Coffee has gone through many methods of extraction and not necessarily in a linear way. Still, rather we will see that even each region invented a very practical way to consume coffee. Although today an average coffee machine can produce about 200 or more cups per day, it hasn’t always been that way.

If you are a coffee lover, you will love this article, because we will tell you how to make coffee in an artisanal way, which recovers very different flavors to those we all know today.

The extraction methods that we are going to show you are also known as coffee filtering methods,  since many processes consist of that, filtering coffee.

Moka Pot

The Moka pot is one of the most economical and quickest methods of coffee extraction, perfect for achieving a concentrate with a fantastic flavor. The name also knows it of  Moka pot, and its elaboration process consists of going through 3 chambers.

We can say in great terms that Moka pot gives us an espresso, or at least something very similar, without a doubt, the right thing to start the day.

Once you have heated the water, it should not take more than 5 minutes.

For that reason, it is the option to which people who lack caffeine go when they are in a hurry in the morning. You don’t need to have deep knowledge about barism; It is a relatively simple process. Just fill the cameras, light the fire, and stay tuned.

Surely the first few times, you will not be able to get the best flavor of this excellent extraction method, but with practice, you will improve.


Do you like to travel? If you constantly travel to several incredible places, AeroPress is perfect for you. It is not an old coffee extraction method; on the contrary, it is a very new and popular one among coffee lovers.

It is not necessary to have knowledge about barismo, and it is not even necessary to know any coffee, you just need to follow the instructions to have a rich coffee. The taste is very rich, similar to any coffee machine — something very curious about its simplicity.

You only need hot water (80 °), fine ground coffee, and its tools (agitator and pressure tube).

Of all the methods of coffee extraction, this is very practical, and even cleaning is wonderful, making coffee does not take more than a minute.


Of all the methods of coffee extraction, Chemex is one of the favorites for many, since it has a lot of style and flavor. His figure is very similar to that of a vase, but its particular shape has a meaning.

A very good advantage of this extraction method is that you can make several cups of coffee at the same time. You should have average knowledge of things about barismo since the good taste of Chemex coffee depends a lot on:

  • Grinding size
  • Water temperature.
  • Coffee volume

Preparing a Chemex coffee takes about 10 minutes, it seems to be simple at first glance, but being careful about the details will make us get a better taste.

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