Benefits, Myths, And Truths About Coffee In Capsule

We are here to contribute all our knowledge and experience regarding the benefits, myths, and harms of the preparation and consumption of a cup of coffee with a capsule coffee maker, how can the usual espresso machine be. This is a topic that we love since, for most of us, coffee represents a daily ritual in our lives.

Lately, they are a great source of debate mainly because of the environmental impact of the difficulty of recycling the capsules, as consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of our purchase choices on the environment. This is probably the biggest problem of drinking coffee in a capsule, and hence in cities like Hamburg, the capsules have been banned in all government buildings and that in Mallorca, a path has been marked to eliminate them permanently.

In any case, we will dedicate a complete post to the environmental problem generated by coffee consumption in this format. The objective of the following post is to provide some light on some of the usual topics of conversation and opinions we hear about the benefits and disadvantages of opting for the capsules when it comes to consuming coffee in our day today.

Is coffee in capsule cleaner and more comfortable?

It is common to hear this statement as a purchase argument to opt for coffee capsules. But when we say it is cleaner, what do we mean? And against what alternatives are we comparing? In this sense, if we compare with other usual classic methods of preparation such as Italian mocha or American drip coffee maker, it is clear that after preparing our coffee using these methods, we will have to clean the coffee remains of the coffee maker later.

If we compare it with a super-automatic machine (a coffee machine that grinds the grain at the moment and sells the drink after pressing a single button), here the story changes a bit. In this case, it is not necessary to clean the machine after each service, but coffee grounds are stored in a tank that must be emptied at the time, depending on the capacity of the tank. Therefore, if we understood here as “clean” the convenience of cleaning / evacuating stored grounds or capsules the least number of times, we should compare the capacity of the deposit of both machines (super-automatic and capsules) to continue operating without having to evacuate this deposit.

Is it faster to make a capsule coffee?

As for the speed, it is very evident that the preparation of a cup of coffee with a capsule coffee maker is faster than its preparation with the American and Italian coffee systems. But, as in the case of cleaning and comfort, this is not the case if we compare its speed against that of a super-automatic machine. As for the time of extraction of the drink, it is very similar, and the differences are not significant between opting for one system or another.

If we analyze the entire process of preparation through the capsule system, this entails:

(i) take a capsule where we have it stored, (ii) introduce it, (iii) press the button, wait for the coffee drink, and then (iv) heat the desired amount of milk and (v) serve it in the cup.

The super-automatic machines allow to extract, if desired, the drink already complete with milk, both liquid and emulsified, depending on the personalized drink we have chosen ( cappuccino, espresso, coffee with milk, cut, American, etc.), with so just press the button of the desired coffee specialty. It is not required to introduce coffee or any other step prior to the selection of the beverage.

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